Who is an effective counsellor?

Who is an effective counsellor?

Looking for help can be a tough task especially looking for a counsellor of your match. Numerous research have identified that feeling connected with therapist is one of the significant factor for the effectiveness of therapy and long lasting positive change in client’s life. Therefore, it’s relevant and important to spend some time to identify/understand qualities of an effective counsellor. An effective counsellor is:

◾Someone who is competent and skilled in delivering one or more therapeutic approaches as per their interest and expertise.

◾Someone who is non-judgemental, empathetic and insightful in recognising and helping you to overcome your weaknesses, self-imposed limitations and negative beliefs.

◾Someone who is supportive and knows how to develop your strengths.

◾Someone who is professional and reliable to provide a safe atmosphere where painful memories could be shared unhesitatingly.

◾Someone who is able to understand and respect your cultural values and help you to steer around those values.

◾Someone who is inherently dedicated and passionate to help you on this journey of inner transformation. A therapeutic journey with a right counsellor can really be life changing.

Of course, you need to meet and spend some sessions (on average 3-6 sessions) to recognise and feel above mentioned qualities in your counsellor. It is equally possible that you felt the need to meet a new counsellor every couple of months in this search for right match for yourself but you will be learning new skills and different perspectives from each one of them which is not bad at all.

Please allow me to offer you my helping hand on your path of self-discovery and see how far we can walk together. It’s time to call (+1 604-377-6033)

-By Rhea Jacobs



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