What are your fears and Why?

What are your fears and Why?

Fear is a negative emotion which we often learn to live with, but it really work as a strong barrier in our personality development and flourishing as a unique human being.

While working on multiple issues, most of my clients expressed their ‘fear of loneliness or fear of getting rejected and left alone or fear of ending up as Single’.

These assumed fears actually kept them stuck either in a bad relationship (s) or make them mindlessly follow the pattern of unhealthy lifestyle or make them surrender to the peer pressure. Their fears also teach them it’s not safe and good decision to express your real emotions and feelings to others. Slowly they learnt how to suppress emotions and display fake behaviours because that will reward them popularity and appreciation. Also, they will not end up alone (winning their worst fear)!

Digging deeper into “fear of loneliness”, it’s not just present-oriented. Like most of the emotional issues, this also has roots in the past. Everyone has its own reason and definition of their fears based on their life journey.

A person who is fearful of loneliness could be reflecting avoidance of their past, memories (good as well as bad), shame, guilt or wrong-doing act. For these people, socialization is a tool to create a distraction from the past.

An individual who is fearful of rejection and abandoned could be reflecting their own lack of self-confidence, desperate need of validation and needy feeling of recognition by loved ones and their community.

Sitting with an experienced professional may help you to recognize your fears and their roots. A lot can be achieved in every area of life when a person becomes fearless. Then person feels confident to reflect their true self to others. Also, act honestly in relationships.

Live fearlessly and freely!

  • By Rhea Jacobs



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