EMDR Therapy For Adults

3 Most Common Myths About Trauma & Trauma Processing!

What are 3 biggest myths about trauma and trauma processing?  Time Heals All Wounds: One of the most persistent myths about trauma is that, given enough time, the emotional scars will naturally fade. The truth is just the opposite. It may not feel as intense as time goes by because unprocessed trauma has now gone deeper […]

10 Signs To Recognize The Mysterious Damages Done By Childhood Trauma

Do you wonder why you keep behaving in the same patterns/habits despite negative results? Do you wonder why you can not feel happy, relaxed and content despite trying your best? You might be living with the mysterious and unresolved impacts of childhood trauma. Childhood trauma can profoundly impact a person’s well-being and quality of life in adulthood. […]

How To Build New Positive Beliefs Post-Trauma ?

Returning to normal life post-trauma is very challenging.     You may feel dilemma, confusion and dwindling between past and present.   You struggle to believe that the past has passed, and it was applicable only in that situation and with that person.   You struggle to remember and trust how much you have grown […]

How To Build Trust After Going Through Traumas and Betrayals?

“Trauma is an accident, not a life sentence.” – Peter Levine.    You don’t have to live with these injuries your whole life.   So, let us focus on taking some easy steps towards building trust so that you recover and return to everyday life:   Taking professional help: First, remember that it is not […]