Success Stories

Rating: 5 out of 5.

JM, Medical Professional

JM came to me after applying for short-term disability and not feeling good even if she is off from work for a few weeks.

Intake and assessment clarify that she is struggling with C-PTSD, burnout, chronic depression, shame, guilt, sleep issues, less appetite, numbness, anger towards the system, and unable to talk about her feelings, emotions, and opinions.

She has worked in a senior position with one of the reputed hospitals for about 32 years. She was hardly taking any medical leave or long-term vacation during most of her career, including longer work hours during Covid.

She has a safe, secure, and loving relationship with her adult kids and husband. But she was feeling dissociated when alone, disconnected from everyone and every achievement of her life. She was only feeling connected with and stuck in the past. The past was full of seeing a lot of deaths, grieving, and struggling (to save the life of patients) at the workplace.

She attended regular 18 sessions virtually with me. Treatment included more than 5 therapeutic techniques including Trauma therapy. The journey was not easy, which also included suicidal thoughts, ideation, and plan. But both of us work together during those dark days.

Now she is back to the same work and location, full-time, promoted, and working at an even more senior level! All vital signs and chronic symptoms are close to normal with a minimum dose of blood pressure medicine and supplements.

She knows how to take care of her triggers, emotions, and feelings. She is proficient in the regular practice of self-care activities. She is proud of her hard work and contribution to the community and her patients instead of feeling guilt, shame, and out of control sense of responsibility.

Being in a leadership role, now JM encourages everyone to attend counseling sooner before they break down (mentally and physically).