How To Break The Patterns Of Bad Eating Habits To Have A Healthy Body & Sharp Mind

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Are you unhappy with your body shape and eating habits?

Or, You are trying your best to self-discipline but emotions and life are taking away your best interests and intentions!

Tell me if this sounds familiar:

You know ALL, but there is something…

Missing? Incomplete? Unfulfilling? Out of Control?

Yes, that’s it. Out of Control!

Your cognitive mind knows the weaknesses and where it is coming from, but it is the subconscious mind which is mysterious and out of control.

How do you control something which you do not know?

And you need this self-control not just on certain days and months, but every day….willingly…happily…

A healthy lifestyle to live your best life using your full potential.

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There Is Something Out There,That Will Give You the Self-Control You Need…. But What Is It?

If you are like me, I bet that every time you try to think about it, you get stuck trying to figure out all the details, like:

  • How to eat the right things at right time?
  • How to get rid of emotional pain, stress, and cravings?
  • How to take care of cravings, especially at night time?

I totally get it. I struggled with these exact same questions when I started. In fact, I stayed in the Trial & Error zone for a few years…before I actually got it right.

As it turns out, lots of people make these same mistakes. Perhaps you’re one of them…

About 98% of THEM stay stuck in the same eating habits even if their health is failing every day!

That means a big majority of people spend most of their life living in frustration and feeling like a failure each day even if they want to change their eating habits and lifestyle wholeheartedly.

If so, it’s probably because you’ve made one of:

The Two Most Common Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

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Mistake #1. Copy-Catting

You are forgetting the scientific fact that each of us has our own biology and chemistry. We are coming from different places, and cultures with different genetic tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. Numerous internal factors including our unique mindset define our preference for eating and not eating a certain food.

Mistake #2. The Cookie Paradox

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This is what happens when you are told to stay inside a box. Follow their eating rules, guidelines, time, and specific stuff (supplements, injections, proteins, etc.).

In other words, it’s a one-size-fits-all business formula that the promoters claim is pretty much guaranteed to work as long as you are obedient to their rules.

The challenge is that for most people, life is not as perfect and structured as a cookie cutter. You have to deal with challenging emotions, stress, busy life and taking care of everyone else. Not to mention your own health issues.

If you are like me, you want to create your eating habits and lifestyle as per your personality, health issues, strengths, weaknesses, culture, personal and professional life and comfort level. YOU ARE YOU.

Cookie-cutter approaches are not sustainable because they are not in alignment with who you are!

What Are People Saying?

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“Other programs completely ignored my unique life & needs”

“I joined this program because I was feeling frustrated by my yo-yo dieting. I was fed up with feeling sluggish, every day ignoring the needs of my family, and forcing myself to go to work”.

This program gave me the foundational skills and many tools for creating the health & life I want.

It provided a compass to guide me in what direction to go and what directions to completely eliminate.

I now have a yardstick for evaluating what I eat. Either something inspires me or it expires me.

Now I am not eating my emotions. I’m much more grounded and confident about making self-care decisions.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to commit and transform their health”.


(Health industry professional)

The Missing Piece?

Your Relationship with Yourself!

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While other people (and other courses) may try to tell you what your path should be… that’s NOT the right way to do it!

Nobody else can tell you what your ideal diet should be. They may be able to help, but you’re the only person in the world who can make that decision.

So many people start this journey and find that, after a while, even if they’re actually having some success they’re still miserable. They wish they had done something different.

And I don’t want that for you.

Instead, I want to help you establish “Your Relationship With Yourself”.

Because there’s only one kind of diet and lifestyle that will be successful no matter what: Based on “Your Relationship With Yourself”.

Imagine a compass. Inside the compass is something called a “compass rose” that marks the 4 cardinal directions of North, South, East, and West. And a needle that always points north.

You’re like this compass — at all times, you remain calibrated to point to your True Relationship With Yourself, even if you’re not aware of it. You can rely on this true relationship to guide you, and show you the right path to take, even as you evolve, and even as the world changes around you.

Your “True Your Relationship With Yourself” is that part of you that guides you in the world…

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And generally speaking, it’s made up of the sum of your collected experience, your interests, cultural eating habits, your connection with food, and awareness.

A “True Your Relationship With Yourself” is the only kind of approach that will allow you to stand out from the noise of the most crowded market in the world and experience the long-term fulfillment of creating and maintaining healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

But too many people ignore their True North compass when it comes time to choose their lifestyle and eating habits, and they end up heading East, West, or even, South.

And, because your “True Your Relationship With Yourself” is founded on your internal truth, not guesses, diets, or advice on social media, it’s easier to commit and stay on track.

As long as you understand this, and follow your “True Your Relationship With Yourself”, you’ll arrive at your destination, whatever that looks like for you.

The beautiful part is that while everyone’s “compass” is different, the path to finding it is the same — you need to Start With You.

That’s What She Got…


I started this program at a very critical point in my life. When I first met Rhea I was struggling with depression due to various challenges in my life and through our conversations a lot of what I was going through was rooted from the inside due to hormonal imbalances. I took his program to help me with my emotional eating habits to help me get better.

Through this program, I’ve gained awareness of how I’m damaging my body/mind and what changes/actions I need to take to make things better. I’ve learned that making changes whether to do with eating or any other learned habits isn’t easy and it’s important to be kind to yourself while doing it. I’ve learned many exercises/practices to help me with my anxiety, and other negative behaviors.

Rhea and this program helped me start my journey to become the ideal version of myself.

Thank you Rhea for teaching such valuable life lessons that I’ll carry with me forever”.

– anonymous (Finance industry professional)

Getting Started Is Often The Hardest Part…

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Because there’s so much pressure to get it right, taking the first step toward change is often the hardest part of the whole process.

I always say it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to take one step at a time!

Let me help you create a solid foundation of firm knowledge about your unique health and issues. Once you have that you can confidently and consistently take action, knowing that you’re going in the right direction because every action you take is guided by your “True Relationship with Yourself”.

I want you to take the first steps in your business and confidently enjoy the ride.

And remember… You already have the answers inside of you right now.

Is it Time to Finally

Get Out of “Trial & Error”,”Follow Random Advice” and Go Into “Execution”?

What Will You Learn

>>Know what you’re really meant to do to attain your health-related goals.

>>Identify your “True Relationship With Yourself”: One that will guide, inspire and motivate you life long.

>>Select the eating style, out of 2, with clarity and confidence, and gain expertise.

>>Know the exact next steps to every day, week, and month moving forward — while feeling truly fulfilled.

>>Train your conscious and subconscious mind so that you could win over cravings and compulsive emotions.

>>Recognize the deeper causes behind your triggers, cravings, and temptations, and learn not to react and cope through food.

>>Learn to release resistant thoughts and intense emotions so that you do not go to food to cope with them.

>>Learn to smoothly replace old eating habits with new ones so that healthy eating becomes part of your life.

>>Learn Resilience Building Skills so that you make eating choices from a strong, rational and clear mind.

>>Learn Stress Management Skills so that you don’t go to food to cope with everyday life issues.

>>Learn Distress Toleration and Emotion Regulation Skills so that you learn to take care of your intense emotions on your own without relying on food and others.

>>Trauma processing skills so that you do not use food to feel good when triggered.

>>Learn Relationship Skills and healthy boundaries so that negative people and interactions could not bother you anymore.

>>Develop Self-love and Self-compassion realistically without feeling guilt and pressure (self and others) so that you fall in love with this new lifestyle and are able to maintain it lifelong.

But Wait! There is More

Choose the topic of your session as per your priority so that you get timely help to remain on track.

Get customized homework so that you can practice the newly learned skills at your own pace.

Learn from Videos, Presentations, and reading materials.

Practice with worksheets, and templates so that you can repeat them whenever you need them.

Unlimited Email and Texting Support (during work hours, Monday – Friday).

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Just think – just twelve weeks from right now, you’ll know all the scientific steps to invite change in your internal and external world.

And, you’ll have a specific plan for moving forward with clarity and confidence, so you can put aside your fears and doubts, knowing you’re on the right path and have the tools to make it happen!


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Hi, I am Rhea Jacobs. I am a trauma professional and emotional eating expert who is working in the field of mental health for more than a decade. Other than my private practice, I also work with the Health Ministry of Canada.

I developed expertise and my signature style by combining professional skills, knowledge (Master in 4 subjects, 2 are in Applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology), wisdom learned from life, and experience of working with a large number of clients from different cultures.

I started my career as a kindergarten school teacher who was told by her parents that she is “too weak, foolish and damaged to survive in an adult world”…. So far I have helped about 5000 adults in processing their traumas and post-trauma impacts such as emotional eating.

Many of my clients, especially females, were stuck in the cycle of emotional eating to cope with the ongoing struggles in some areas, suppressed emotions, and overwhelming stress. They were also believing that their body and eating habits are never going to change.

I faced different traumas at every step of my life since a young age and also struggled with emotional eating for a long time. On my journey of self-discovery, I learned from many mentors who helped me to create this structured and scientific approach to address the barriers from the conscious and subconscious mind.

My clients have been able to acknowledge, process, and unroot the deeper causes behind emotional eating by going deeper into their psyche and working on their subconscious mind using evidence-proven techniques.

They not only develop a better relationship with the food and their body but it took them even further by living life in their best possible version.