“Smooth Sailing From Emotional Eating” program help adults to overcome emotional eating so that they have healthy body and focused mind to create a life of their choice and enjoy life at optimum level.

Are you struggling with Intense Emotions and Stress which keep making you indulge in emotional eating and keep sabotaging your physical and mental health?

What Will You Learn

Change the old programing of your mind and train your conscious and subconscious mind.

Recognize the deeper causes behind your triggers, cravings, and temptations and learn not to react and cope through food.

Learn to release the resistant thoughts, and intense emotions so that you do not go to food to cope with them.

Learn to smoothly replace the old eating habits with the new ones so that healthy eating becomes part of your life.

Learn Resilience Building Skills so that you make eating choices from a strong, rational and clear mind.

Learn Stress Management Skills so that you don’t go to food to cope with everyday life issues.

Learn Distress Toleration and Emotion Regulation Skills so that you learn to take care of your intense emotions on your own without relying on food and others.

Trauma processing skills so that you do not go to food to feel good when triggered.

Learn Relationship Skills and healthy boundaries so that negative people and interactions could not bother you anymore.

Develop Self-love and Self-compassion realistically without feeling guilt and pressure (self and others) so that you fall in love with this new lifestyle and are able to maintain it lifelong.

But Wait! There is More

Choose the topic of your session as per your priority so that you get timely help to remain on track.

Get customized homework so that you can practice the newly learned skills at your own pace.

Get Worksheets,  Templates and Videos so that you can repetitively practice them whenever you need it.

Unlimited Email and Texting Support during work hours, Monday – Friday.

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Realistically, this can become a passive source of income for you for lifelong!

12 Weeks of Virtual Individual Coaching & Counselling

Regular price $2500

Reduced Price for Limited Time: $1997 CAD (tax included)



Hi, I am Rhea Jacobs. I am a trauma professional and emotional eating expert who is working in the field of mental health for more than a decade. Other than my private practice, I also work with the Health Ministry of Canada.

I developed expertise and my signature style by combining professional skills, knowledge (Master in 4 subjects, 2 are in Applied Psychology and Clinical Psychology), wisdom learned from life, and experience of working with a large number of clients from different cultures.

I started my career as a kindergarten school teacher who was told by her parents that she is “too weak, foolish and damaged to survive in an adult world”…. So far I have helped about 5000 adults in processing their traumas and post-trauma impacts such as emotional eating.

Many of my clients, especially females, were stuck in the cycle of emotional eating to cope with the ongoing struggles in some areas, suppressed emotions, and overwhelming stress. They were also believing that their body and eating habits are never going to change.

I faced different traumas at every step of my life since a young age and also struggled with emotional eating for a long time. On my journey of self-discovery, I learned from many mentors who helped me to create this structured and scientific approach to address the barriers from the conscious and subconscious mind.

My clients have been able to acknowledge, process, and unroot the deeper causes behind emotional eating by going deeper into their psyche and working on their subconscious mind using evidence-proven techniques.

They not only develop a better relationship with the food and their body but it took them even further by living life in their best possible version.

“I joined this program because i was tired of feeling sluggish, taking off from work and was feeling frustrated by my yo-yo dieting. Rhea GAVE ME ALL to support my health transformation. She helped me recognize my emotional weaknesses and build on my strengths. Program was structured in a manner that it did not seem hard to follow through the everyday steps. Now i am not eating my emotions. I make healthy choices happily and feel great each day. I am able to overtime (occasionally) and make extra money which was impossible earlier. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to commit and transform their health”.


(full time employee in health industry)