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Life Transitions

Life Transitions

Which events can be named as life transitions? Are they always stressful to deal with?

To put in easy words, beginning of any new process which is going to affect your life for a long time, can be named as life transition. Such as beginning of school, change of career, starting a new job, getting promoted, starting a new relationship, engagement, getting married, getting pregnant, having a baby, kids moving out, divorce, separation etc.

It’s normal to feel anxious, nervous, uneasy and little doubtful about future at the beginning of any transitional phase. Certain changes or transitions can actually be exciting and next step towards your goal in life such as getting promoted.

Certain life transitions become stressful when they are unwanted and unexpected such as getting pregnant or some loved one being diagnosed with critical illness. Depending on the individual’s personality, available support and many other factors such changes can either be positive or worst life transitions.

How I will be helping you to experience a positive life transition?

Life transitions can make or break a person. Too much stress while going through new change will only make matters worse especially if change is imposed upon you due to unescapable circumstances such as getting promoted and also being transferred to a new place. If stress related symptoms persists longer than three months, it may grow further as depression, anxiety or mood disorder. Some people also develop eating disorder or any kind of addiction to handle the stress and pressure of new responsibilities. Therefore, it’s best to seek counseling before change occurs such as attending premarital counselling or initiating counselling about parenting responsibilities before having a baby. During therapy with me, you and I will discuss how much you are prepared before embarking on this new journey of life. For example, if someone is going away from home first time, to new school or job, we will discuss which skills one should have when they are on their own. We will also discuss supportive factors in your life and explore the possibility if and how they can be helpful to you (for short term or long term) under new circumstances. I will also include Psychoeducation, mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques, cognitive restructuring, techniques to empower your willpower and resiliency to develop internal strength and self-confidence to handle new challenges of your life.