Grief & Bereavement Counseling

Grief & Bereavement Counseling

Isn’t it normal to go through feelings of grief, loss and bereavement? Why should I go for grief counselling? What are the symptoms to realize that I am drowning with grief?

Yes, it’s normal (among all cultures) and healthy to grieve over loss. There are no set rules or ways to preach how one should grieve and should not. There is no set time limit too, some people may grieve for years while some are able to accept the harsh reality and resume to their daily activities within few weeks or months. Regardless of the length of grieving period, every individual feel an emotional vacuum inside them. Here are some of the symptoms which indicate that person need professional help to process the grieving feelings, it they persists for longer than one year and person still struggle to live a normal life with normal routines:

  • Deep sadness or feeling of loss
  • Symptoms of chronic depression
  • Keep thinking about the deceased and the death circumstances
  • Anger (over deceased) or self (I could have done more) or others (they did nothing or not enough)
  • Bitterness over life, self and others
  • Persistent longing
  • lack of willingness to do any efforts to restart living life

Some individuals find it hard to focus on good times spent together, while some felt lost in those good memories. Despite of their continuous yearning, some may also try to avoid those objects, places or persons who might remind them of the deceased. If person is suffering from any pre-existing physical or emotional illness (such as depression), that may exaggerate this bereavement process.

What is my process for Grief and Loss Counselling?

Each client and their experiences of Grief and Loss Counselling is unique and varies in their depth. What works for one client may not work for another. One of my prime goal would be to provide you a safe and empathetic atmosphere where you can express your feelings and emotions without feeling being judged, pitied or lectured. My next step will be to help you to process the Grief and Loss Counselling and related memories. This generally help clients to accept the reality and vent out their pain. This stage generally lasts long time because client struggle in between past and present. This stage can also include various activities where I may encourage you to express your different feelings creatively such as through art and craft, doing something which deceased used to like or wanted to do in their lifetime etc. Slowly we can proceed to create a new activity plan for you which you can follow and maintain happily and easily.