EMDR Therapy

EMDR is an evidence-proven, popular, and very effective technique to process any impacts of trauma and emotional issues where individuals feel stuck and helpless. 

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing

Eye Movement: It has been observed that beneficial effects are facilitated by an alternating stimulation of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Eye movements accomplish this, as do bilateral alternating taps or tones.

Desensitization: Refers to the removal of the emotional disturbance associated with a traumatic memory.

Reprocessing: Refers to the replacement of the unhealthy, negative beliefs associated with traumatic memories, with more healthy, positive beliefs.


I thought of trying EMDR because I was feeling stuck in my past traumas. I was having nightmares, high anxiety, and depression which was significantly impacting my health and work. I was reliving highly abusive moments from the past that were leaving me devastated. I had no confidence or hope to live.

Initially, I thought it is not going to work. However, once I surrendered myself to the EMDR’s healing process, I achieved results. It has plucked away lifelong traumas of three decades from my brain and now. Those memories do not hurt the same way anymore. It seems like my past life now.

I am rebuilding my life, the way I want to and not defined by others.

I am not having any nightmares, racing thoughts, self-hate, anger, and resentment towards abusers and myself. I have fallen in love with myself and life for the first time. Such a joyful place, I had never imagined before.

I attended 5 sessions (package deal). Most of the time I started with the lowest scores for my negative beliefs, emotions, feelings; and the highest scores for body sensations. But I was ending each session with a calm body, and new positive beliefs. With every hour passing post-therapy, it made me feel so much better and clear than ever. 

I highly recommend EMDR as the best therapy for any kind of trauma. EMDR will help you to process and get over your worst fears deeply instilled in you, bringing you happiness and mindfulness”.


Avreet (IT Professional)