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Child and Youth Counselling

Child and Youth Counselling

Is your child struggling with emotional, behavioral, social, and learning problems? A child’s struggle greatly impact the parents as well. Our experienced Child and Youth Counsellors can support your child through Art, Play, Music, Writing, Storytelling, Movement, Relaxation, and Mindfulness-based strategies.

Every Child Counselling will begin with a session with the Parents. Parents can openly speak about their concerns, observations about their child, and history of the problem. Counselor and Parent can share important information, treatment plan, and expectations from counseling. Our experienced Child and Youth Counsellors highly value parental participation, feedback, and their active indulgence in problem-solving.

Child and Youth Care Counsellors will also seek to explore the impacts of your child’s cultural experience, family values, and learned behaviors from their atmosphere.

Child and Youth Counselling with us will aim to help your child in developing insight, and understanding the world around them. It will also focus on learning and practicing therapeutic tools and techniques for emotion regulation and age-appropriate communication skills. Working with an experienced child counselor will promote your child’s healthy emotional, social, intellectual, cultural, and physical development.

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