How Infidelity Affects Mental Health


How Infidelity Affects Mental Health

No one ever wants to be on the receiving end of romantic betrayal. The emotional pain of discovering that someone you love and trust has been cheating and lying to you can be overwhelming.When you are the victim of massive deception and betrayal, it can leave you feeling sadness, confusion, resentment, and anger. Many victims also feel an increase in...[ read more ]

3 Steps to Self-Compassion

“God, you can be so stupid sometimes.”“Why would he be attracted to YOU?”“You’re just going to screw this up.”These are things you would probably never say to another human being unless you’re a real jerk. But how many of us have that inner critic that says these kinds of things all the time.Most of us treat ourselves far more harshly...[ read more ]

5 Strategies to Calm Your Anxiety Quickly

When you live with an anxiety disorder, any moment can become one that creates a slow-rising panic within you. Life is normal one second and the next, you feel your chest tighten and your heart begin to race. You may begin to hyperfocus on future events and find yourself getting lost in “what-ifs.”To make matters worse, you may then begin...[ read more ]

4 Subtle Signs of Trauma: When You’re Dealing with More Than You Think

When you think about someone experiencing trauma, incidents such as a violent or sexual assault or a terrible car accident might come to mind. But there are other, subtler forms of trauma that can negatively affect our lives and hinder our relationships.Emotional trauma is often overlooked and minimized, and we may think we’ve “gotten over” some emotional pain that we’ve...[ read more ]

How to Begin Healing After Personal Trauma

No one is ever prepared for a tragedy. In fact, most of us go through our lives believing that tragedies happen to other people.When people do experience a distressing or life-threatening event, such as a car accident, natural disaster, or terrorist attack, they often develop extreme anxiety or PTSD. Many develop ongoing problems with their personal relationships and their own self-esteem.Everyone deals with trauma in...[ read more ]

What is Trauma?

Trauma, flashbacks and reoccurrence of trauma make us feel like a snow bombarded forest where all you see is white, cold, frozen, stubborn and immovable snow. Pain occupies and spreads in your whole body and mind. You feel numb, confused, betrayed, shocked, disappointed, guilty, scared and off ground. You feel as if you have lost yourself and your destination in...[ read more ]

How to get over a breakup?

Stabbed Heart Researches have revealed that divorce, separation and breakup can be equally traumatizing like a death. Breakup becomes harder because the former partner is still on this earth and incidentally may come across anytime. Even if the relationship was destructive and negative it may still cause feelings of loss, grief, guilt (why I was stuck so long), confusion, frustration,...[ read more ]

What are your fears and Why?

Fear is a negative emotion which we often learn to live with, but it really work as a strong barrier in our personality development and flourishing as a unique human being. While working on multiple issues, most of my clients expressed their ‘fear of loneliness or fear of getting rejected and left alone or fear of ending up as Single’....[ read more ]

Are you in an abusive relationship?

Many people may ignore this question right away and may choose not to read this blog. They may feel this is not applicable over me or I would have known it by now! And these are exactly the reasons that I choose to write this blog by presenting the research-oriented information at this forum. These facts are collected by the...[ read more ]

How to develop self-compassion?

We have heard this word quite often but do we really know or understand the exact meaning of this word ‘Compassion’. It is good to begin with the definition so that we can delve into it as we try to develop self-compassion. As per, Compassion is a “feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by...[ read more ]

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