Anger Management

Anger Management

Strategies for Anger Management

Everyone gets angry and react, why should “I” go for Anger management?

Yes, it’s normal to get angry because anger is also one of the emotion just like sadness or happiness. Anger becomes negative, destructive and harmful when person do not know how to control that overflowing anger and how to express it in controlled, appropriate and civilized manner. Strategies for Anger Management focus on individualized techniques which help the client to reduce physical and emotional overreactions. The client is encouraged and trained to express anger in such ways so that it’s not harmful, threatening and dangerous to their own wellbeing as well as for others.

Am I an angry person or others make me angry?

To have a realistic look about you being an angry person or not. Ask your loved ones or friends or colleagues to rate you on a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 means “not an angry person at all” and 10 means “very angry person”. Ask them to email or text you. Try to get more than six people in this short survey about your real self. Try to get responders from different spheres of your life such as from friend circle, any family member, any co-worker or any neighbour. Results will give you a basic idea about yourself. Although it’s true each one of us behave and react differently under different circumstances but anger is an emotion which is expressed naturally and fluently if it reside in that person at extreme levels. Research has indicated that some persons are genetically build to feel more anger. Family atmosphere, upbringing and cultural impressions also play a huge role in teaching us the ways to express anger, which we exhibit as an adult.

What are my Strategies for Anger management?

There is no “one shoe fits all” approach in my therapeutic practice. Each client’s case is managed differently depending on various factors of their life. I primarily use Cognitive Restructuring using CBT, Relaxation Techniques, Psychoeducation, Mindfulness practices especially Mindful breathing technique and Art therapy to explore different methods to reduce client’s anger reactions (internal and external). This belief is still prevalent that anger is a negative emotion and one should not get angry at all. This belief is unrealistic and unscientific. Learning Anger management course also does not mean that person will stop feeling this emotion or will stop reacting at all. Anger management focus on understanding and controlling those overpowering, strong emotions, underlying feelings, distorted beliefs (about self and others) and inappropriate behaviour strategically.