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How To Be Successful?

Firefox Counselling helps adults in overcoming psychological barriers such as lack of motivation, lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem, emotional eating, or any other mental blocks.

You understand your problem, you know what may work and what will not work but you still struggle to implement it.

Success in any area can be an ultimate goal. But It requires going through multiple layers of a variety of steps, persistent efforts, and self-determination.

Today, I thought of talking about the 5 psychological stages a person goes through before they are ready to commit to treatment/solution and change.

Here it goes –

1. Pre-contemplation stage – This is the stage when a person is not yet acknowledging that there is a problem behavior that needs to be changed.

2. Contemplation stage – At this stage, a person finally acknowledges that there is a problem but they are not ready yet. They are sure of wanting to change, but lack confidence and still give excuses.

3. Preparation/Determination stage- At this stage, a person is getting ready to change and exploring different options. Reading, learning and experimenting on their own.

4. Action stage- This is the ultimate stage when a person is ready to give their all, whatever it takes to change their behavior. They are full of self-confidence and willpower is high. Now they will dismiss all of their barriers. This is the stage when the metal is hot and all it needs is fire (good fit professional helper) to create the expected result they want.

5. Maintenence stage: At this stage, the person is fully aware and full of self-love to maintain their progress so far. The person has a dedicated self-care routine and practices to continue building on their success and move on to higher stages.

Each one of us goes through the first three psychological stages before committing and saying REAL YES to our desire and goal.

Just knowing is not enough until a person builds practice and develops patience to work towards their goals. Lastly, the maintenance stage is also very important to preserve and continue to be successful.

Different people take different times at each stage and it’s okay to feel all of those fears.

Now, the way to come out from stagnation is, to give yourself a designated time at each stage.

Do not remain stuck at one stage for too long. Move on to the next one sooner before disappointment and self-criticism declare you a loser without even trying properly.

If you are feeling stuck (emotional or practical barrier) reach out for help.

You are valuable and you deserve all happiness in this world but you have to own that responsibility and work towards it.

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