How To Overcome Trust Issues?

Traumatic experiences break down the trust foundation which can continue impacting your decisions and connections, many times, for life long.

It is not something which will build on its own as time goes by. Person need to put intention and build skills to develop trust.

I encourage you to explore deeper your trust issues towards any person, product, or service. 

Note: This information is not applicable to
– Abusive relationships
– Products that are not backed up by science and
– Services that are not authorized by any regulatory board. 

During my younger years, I was betrayed at every step which made me suspicious of everyone who was nice to me or taking initiative to support me. I was right away running from them which cost me a lot including being stuck in trauma. I was in shutdown mode about every supportive resource (person, product, services) and l had no rationality left to recognize who is genuine and who is fake. I used to believe that everyone is out there to cheat me and take something away from me. 

Interestingly, my best friend was just opposite of me. She was courageous, a calculated risk-taker, and confident that even if something goes wrong she can take care of the situation. 

Trust me, it is only you who is losing by not trusting the new energies or new information. If another person is fake, well they will find some other target so they are not losing anything. But ….what if they are not fake? Who will be losing the opportunity? 

When in doubt, try asking these questions yourself – 
> Why can I not trust? Did this person/service do any harm to me?
> Am I fearful or confident about my opinion? Why? Why not?
> How do I plan to know them without giving them any opportunity (with required caution)?
> Am I cautious or skeptical or overcautious? Why?
> Do I have any facts against this person/service?
> Can I review the negative experience from a different perspective? Why not?
> What is my assumption for a disastrous outcome with this person/service/product? 
> What is the possibility that this assumption will turn into reality?
> Am I well-informed about this person, product, and services?

Most important question – 
Am I mentally and emotionally stable to rationally analyze this person/service/product?

May be you can catch by this description that you have to live in present to trust others. Going back in past for reference or assuming about the future – both need to be removed from the mind to develop trust 🙂

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