Principles of Success in 2023

We are so ready to step out of 2022 and enter 2023. If you are like me, I am sure this year was challenging in its own way. 

Like always, I thought of sharing the key pieces of this introspection with my loved ones which are you!

Without creating more suspense, let us dive in – 

I am introspecting for a few days. What works well and What should not be repeated?  

1. Take Care of Your Health At All Cost: It is your body and your brain which is always going to be with you as long as you are alive. It is not just a lack of self-love but it is self-cruelty when you keep ignoring your health issues until you lose something valuable (health, relationship, career, studies). Why does it need to reach a peak point before you take action? Then coming back to normal health status and normal life is going to take longer with many other damages side by side. Achievement of goals is only possible with a healthy body and mind. 

2. Create and Maintain Your Support System: A support system does not have to be with some particular labels such as family and friends. It can be a  book, professional helper, podcast, youtube videos, or your yoga teacher. Read, Research, Explore and add resources in your support system over whom you can rely upon in every situation. Do not take anyone for granted in your support system (Note: not applicable to abusive relationships). Growth and Sucess are a team effort. You don’t have to struggle alone. 

3. Release, Let Go, and Move on: Detoxify yourself physically and mentally. Cleanse your home as well.  Let go of anything at home which you are not using and not going to use for the next 3 months. This strategy immensely helps in releasing the blocked energies at the psychological level too. Keep releasing emotional pain. That is how you make room for happiness and success. 

The above 3 Principles are the core of growth, and reprogramming of the body, mind, and soul. They need to be practiced whole year with full awareness. If you do not know how to do this or how to remain motivated. Connect with a professional helper or an authentic resource. 

Take a pause, rest, relax and introspect!

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