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Are you living with the unprocessed trauma that is negatively impacting your work, health, and your connection with others? 

Have you had persistent resentment, anger, anxiety, or sadness that lingers long past the situation ended?

Have you experienced emotional injury, but haven’t been able to get effective help even though you’re very resourceful?

Do you feel unheard, as if nobody really gets what’s going on with you?

I understand. I was like you.

My name is Rhea Jacobs, and I am a Trauma Therapist. I was at the same place at one point in my life. Whether you have had challenges with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, or difficulty in relationships, I have gone through all of them. I have overcome these challenges, and I promise it is possible, but you must do the strategic work using scientific techniques. 

When I was experiencing the effects of trauma, I was inspired to expand my knowledge of mental health and become an expert at helping others with the persistent effects of emotional injury.

During this time I received 2 Masters Degrees in Psychology and pursued multiple disciplines in mental health and clinical psychology (Learn more about me here.)

I have developed an approach to healing trauma that is deeply rooted in Human Psychology, Neuroscience, and research-based techniques while allowing for customization to your unique needs in terms of personality, learning style, and situation. 

What makes this approach different is that I am able to convert empirical knowledge into easy baby steps that you can practice with a busy life. (Learn more about  my services here.)

To explore working with me privately, I offer a complimentary 15-minute consultation where we will briefly discuss your challenges and my approach to assisting you. To schedule your consultation, please reach out to me via my CONTACT FORM, or you can call my office at (604) 377-6033

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